Wanted - Buy or Trade

Here are some items that I am looking to add to my collection. If you can help, please let me know.  I am happy to discuss buying or trading. Please contact me here.

As a collector, I am always looking to find new items to add to my collection.  I am always looking for cool stuff in the following categories:

  • Marshall Brodien / Wizzo / Bozo's Circus related items
  • John Calvert - items related to his career as a magician and in Hollywood
  • Warehouse 13 television show - original props, scripts, etc
  • Firefly / Serenity - original props, scripts, etc

Additionally, here are some specific items I am looking for:

Magic Sets Wanted

I need the following three magic sets to complete my Marshall Brodien Magic Set Collection. 

Easter Magic Set 

                        1971 TV Magic Easter Magic Set                                                      1998 Lance Burton 100 Trick Magic Set

                       2000 Magician's Wands Tricks Set