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As collectors we all eventually end up with duplicates or items that no longer fit our collecting vision. Below you will find several items that may be of interest to you.

A note about shipping:  As a collector I am always concerned until the new addition to my collection is in my hands.  I have had “treasures” damaged in shipping.  See my Traveling Magician for one example. All shipping is via insured USPS Priority Mail or UPS depending on the item.  I apologize if in some cases, this results in high shipping costs, but my goal is to get your new treasure to you in the same condition as it was in my collection.

Magic Posters

Gordon Second Sight / Mentalism poster – $400

Gordon Master Magician poster

[Stock Poster] Second Sight/ Mentalism. Chicago and St. Louis: National., ca. 1910. Color lithograph overprinted for Gordon the Magician, depicting a blindfolded woman in a parlor, a prediction being made on a blackboard behind her. Framed, not examined out of frame.  From the Marshall Brodien collection. 20″ x 26″

The Great Gogia Pasha Poster – $325

Gogia Pasha Poster

Pasha, Gogia. The Great Gogia Pasha. Delhi: V.P. Printers, ca. 1955. Colorful poster with vignettes from Pasha’s show, including his famous sword suspension, basket trick, and Miser’s Dream.  Framed, not examined out of frame.  From the collection of Marshall Brodien.  20 1/4 x 29 3/4″.

Russel the Magician Poster – Rare 1 of 2 known – $800

Russell The Magician Poster

1 of only 2 known according to Norm & Lupe Nielsen
Has thin layer of lamination on front which according to Mike Caveney is how Egyptial Hall Museum items were preserved. It has a brown paper backing that is stamped Egyptian Hall Museum several times.  26″ x 19″

Chang and Fak-Hong Hari-Kuri Poster – $250

Chang and Fak-Hong’s Hari-Kuri
Chang and Fak-Hong were a pair of Western Illusionists who were very popular in Europe in the 1920’s & 1930’s.   Framed, not examined out of frame.  From the Marshall Brodien collection.  26″ x 18″

Chang and Fak-Hong Invisible Man Poster – $250

Chang and Fak-Hong Invisible Man Poster circa 1920.   Framed, not examined out of frame.  From the Marshall Brodien collection.  26″ x 19″

Chang and Fak-Hong Elle Poster – $250

Chang and Fak-Hong’s Elle Poster.  Circa 1920.   Framed, not examined out of frame.  From the Marshall Brodien collection.  26″ x 19″

I would like to thank my friend Gabe Fajuri for his permission to use description information from his auction catalogs.  Please visit Potter & Potter Auctions for more information about his upcoming auctions, just try not to bid against me ;>)

Reproduction of Jack Gwynne’s Temple

This temple was made as an exact reproduction of Jack’s personal temple that was in Marshall Brodien’s collection.  The paint exactly like the original and really aids in the deceptive quality of this illusion.  The temple is well constructed and was made by a cabinet maker.  The temple is in excellent condition.

Owned and used by comedy magic legend Fielding West.

Price:  $1250

Pick up in Las Vegas only.


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